Character-Developing-Lessons-Learned-Through-Martial-Arts-Balance-Martial-Arts-and-GamingMartial arts is more than learning moves that look cool or remind you of being on a movie set. A martial arts practice helps you develop physical and mental skills that contribute to a healthy lifestyle. Instructors also take time to introduce character-developing skills that help kids succeed not only on the mats but also in life.

Here are some of the skills that lead to positive changes and character development in students who practice martial arts:


We treat everyone with respect on the mats. Martial arts students respect their instructors, as well as their fellow athletes. And showing respect comes in many different forms. For example, whenever someone is speaking, we expect everyone to pay attention and listen. It sounds simple, but practicing this skill through martial arts goes a long way in all areas of life.


Learning character-developing skills like discipline, focus, and showing respect takes practice. To develop these skills takes yet another character trait – integrity. Integrity means doing the right thing (even if no one is watching). Through a martial arts practice, kids learn to value doing the right thing, like telling the truth and taking responsibility for their actions. A child who has practiced developing integrity is more likely to become an honest, responsible, and dependable adult.


In terms of growth, martial arts tends to focus more on personal improvement and less on competing against others. In martial arts, personal improvement can take time. To make continuous progress, kids learn the importance of patience and persistence. But they also learn that their hard work will pay off in the end. This non-competitive, personal growth is more likely to boost a child’s self-confidence. The increase in confidence comes through a sense of accomplishment, and knowing that success doesn’t come from luck or chance. And that lesson applies to situations beyond martial arts, as well.

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