When things happening around you are out of your control, how do you manage any stress that accompanies that? Here are a few positive ways to manage stress:

1. Stay active.

One effective way to manage your stress is to stay active. This activity can be as simple as going for a walk around your neighborhood or getting a daily workout. Activities like yoga and martial arts can help to calm your mind as you move and breathe.

2. Connect with others.

Another positive way to manage your stress levels is by making an effort to connect with others. If you’re not able to meet up with your friends or family in person, set up a virtual or video chat. Talking with others who might be experiencing similar sources of stress can help you feel supported and encouraged. And offering that same positive support to someone else can even help you feel like you’re doing something good.


3. Create something.

If you’re feeling stressed, setting aside some time to create or make something can also help. Creating something allows you to shift your focus away from your stress to a more productive task. The task or activity is entirely up to you. You could cook or bake something. Or paint, draw, or sketch. Some people get stress relief through gardening or hobbies like woodworking.

4. Watch a movie or show.

Sometimes managing stress minds finding something good to watch (or listen to). Watching a favorite movie or TV show is a great way to take your mind off your stress. Isn’t it just a distraction? Yes, but that is pretty much the goal. Instead of sitting and letting the stress take over your mind, watching something you enjoy gives your brain a much needed mental break.

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